Reasons Why Most Health Issues In The Elderly Are Never Addressed

Reasons Why Most Health Issues In The Elderly Are Never Addressed

As we grow older, we become more prone to diseases. Our risk for physical illness and mental illness rises. This is actually a normal aging process. However, for you to stay healthy, live happily and longer, you should take the necessary steps to prevent and treat diseases and mental illnesses. Good news is, almost all the health problems that are associated with old age are preventable, manageable, and or treatable. Surprisingly, most health issues that affect senior citizens are never addressed, or if they are addressed, it is never done properly. So, the question is why? There are so many reasons why health issues among the elderly are not addressed at all, or are not treated properly. Here are some of these reasons.

  1. Seniors sometimes fail to report when they have health issues

Most senior citizens usually report to their health care provider when they are experiencing any symptoms that are related to physical health problems and this helps a great deal in addressing such issues in a timely manner. However, not all of them report when they have physical health problems. Worse still, most elderly individuals never report to their health care provider or to their loved ones when they have noticed symptoms of mental illness. This is majorly because of the stigma that is attached to mental health issues. Therefore, most seniors often get 2019 medicare advantage plans by visiting begin receiving treatments when it is too late.

  • Lack of money

Most senior citizens live in reduced, fixed income. And treatment for most diseases is often very expensive in most countries. Therefore, most elderly individual fail to get proper treatment because they don’t have enough money to cater for the same.

  • Negligence

Loneliness and negligence are some of the most common problems that most seniors across the globe are facing. Most seniors have been neglected by their loved ones, and there is no one to watch over them and realize when they are having any symptoms of physical or mental health issues. For this reason, they often endure the pain and sometimes, they can only hope that the illness will go away.

  • Lack of proper health facilities

In some countries, seniors are not treated properly, or are not treated at all because there are no proper health equipments. In fact, a disease can be diagnosed but the patient fails to get treatment because there are no drugs.

  • Hopelessness

Some senior citizens don’t just report to their doctors when they have health issues simply because they have lost hope in their own future. In other instances, hopelessness can make an individual to stop taking medications as recommended by the doctor, and this can lead more health complications.