I Started to Work at the GNC

I started dating this girl about a week and a half ago. Of course she is the manager of the place I am working, but it is not like that is a big deal. I am the stock boy at the GNC and I spend a lot of time stocking shelves with stuff like coq10 and all sorts of stuff like that. Of course it is weird when people walk up to me and ask me about the stuff, because I just stick the boxes where they go on the shelves. I really have no idea what any of this stuff does and when they ask me about the stuff they may as well be talking to the walls. I give you some sort of answer, but it is a kind of better safe than sorry type of message. Read More


Girl Number 9 is a 6-part thriller created specifically for the internet.

Vincent Boylan (Joe Absolom) has just been arrested, suspected of being behind the brutal murder of seven girls, but the team only have a limited time to get a confession. If they can’t make him talk, he could slip through their fingers. Detective Matheson (Gareth David-Lloyd), who is leading the investigation, is sent in to try and get some answers. But things soon take a horrifying turn for the worse, as Matheson and his boss Lyndon (Tracy-Ann Oberman) find out that all is not as it seems.

The mystery deepens as everyone is drawn into Boylan’s sick mind games, and each twist-packed episode ends on a tantalising cliffhanger.

Girl Number 9

Story by Dan Turner & James Moran.

Written by James Moran

Starring Gareth David-Lloyd (Torchwood), Joe Absolom (Doc Martin, Personal Affairs) and Tracy-Ann Oberman (Doctor Who, Eastenders).

Produced by Martin Baker & Pete Coogan

Episodes 1-3 directed by Dan Turner. Episodes 4-6 directed by James Moran

Vincent Boylan back on the loose in the UK

Hello, and welcome to the new UK website for Girl Number 9!

Back in 2009, we premiered the series online, to a great reception. It was covered online, in print, and even on TV and radio. We did everything ourselves, funded  it, made it, promoted it, did the website, the DVDs, everything right down to typing in the subtitles by hand. It was great having such creative control over a project from start to finish, and we’re really proud of the show.

In 2010, the series was nominated for 5 Streamy Awards, the 3rd highest number of awards that year, and the first time a UK webseries had ever been nominated – pretty exciting, considering the huge, well known series that were also in contention. We didn’t win any of them, but it was a genuine thrill to be included. The nominations were for Best Directing for A Drama Web Series, Best Writing for a Drama Web Series, Best Male Actor in a Drama Web Series (Joe Absolom), Best Foreign Web Series, and Best New Web Series.

We sold the distribution rights to the series to Content Film, who started doing lots of deals to get it aired in several different countries. Because of this deal, obviously we had to take down the free website, otherwise the other companies wouldn’t have had any incentive to distribute it. It’s had quite a journey, showing up online all over the place, including the FEARnet website in America, and even on Australian TV.

But one place we never found a home was… here, in the UK. We’re still not fully caught up with the rest of the world on web shows, and sponsorship is a lot harder to find. So, in the DIY spirit of the original launch, we’re doing the UK release ourselves, right now. UK viewers can watch it for free on our Videos page – it’s watermarked so people don’t try to embed it without crediting us, but the DVD has the proper versions in full, glorious quality.

DVD, you say?? Yes, the DVD will be back on sale again! UK only, sorry – it’s just so that we don’t interfere with the distribution rights in other countries and get arrested by the Region Police. And also, very excitingly, you’ll be able to buy a Blu-ray, with remastered HD versions of the episodes. Go and check out the DVD / Blu-ray page for details of how to register your interest, as they’ll be on sale soon.

Thank you to everyone who has watched the show, or is thinking of watching the show, or spread the word – and if you want to keep spreading the word, please do! It’s been away from the UK for long enough, so now it’s time to bring it home. Enjoy.


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