Scouting out Some New Locations

Obviously we know what we want and we are trying to balance the different factors involved. In this case we are looking for a site where we can combine different operations. We shall need some display space for retail operations, some office space for administration and some more space for the repair services. Of course the service guys will need a good bit of parking space for their vehicles and they need a central location. We found a nice place that fits most of our needs, but we need quotes on hvac services in Manhattan, NY since the old system is not going to do anyone much good in it’s current condition. Of course the system was sitting in a vacant building and some of the components are worth a good deal of money, in particular they have aluminum and copper in them which you can rip out and sell for scrap metal. Read More

Cheap Apartments for Rent Near Stockbridge

I just got a new job and it is going to require me to move pretty far away from where I live right now. I am kind of reluctant to pakc up and move for this new job, and I wouldn’t, except for the fact that it pays rather well and I Have been looking for a better paying job for some time now. So I guess that this is what I will have to go and I am thus looking for apartments in Stockbridge GA that are available to be rented right now.

I want to find something fairly modest, that is not going to cost a lot of money. For one thing, I don’t need much when it comes to an apartment. Read More

I Started to Work at the GNC

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I Needed a Logo and a Website

I don’t have a lot of artistic talent. However, that did not stop me from thinking that I could create my own logo. I mean, it is something that is small and simple, at least when you look at other companies and what they use for their logos. I tried for weeks, and I finally realized that I needed to just stop and hire this job out to a company that does graphic design in Bangkok. I had no idea how much it would cost or how long it would take, but I needed to do it regardless before I drove myself crazy.

I was able to find a company that has a lot of experience with graphic design and website creation. Read More

Thinking About Dumping My Cable Tv

Thinking about dumping my cable tv, but I am not sure what would be the best thing to do instead. Of course I watch a lot of live sports and that is the thing that really keeps people from cutting the cable on Time Warner and Comcast and those other pirates. Everything else you can get off the internet of you can get you a Digital Video Recorder like the Direct TV Genie and record it, then you play it back and skip through the ads. Obviously that sort of defeats the whole purpose of most tv programs. Read More

Starting a Vegetable Garden

If you’re thinking of starting a vegetable garden in containers, there are lots of varieties that grow and thrive well as potted produce.

Imagine having your own fresh salad greens and herbs that provide delicious flavors and aromas in your dishes. The infographic below courtesy of is a great resource and reference for gardeners who are looking to grow their own veggies at home.



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Vegetable Growing Guide

It’s every home gardener’s wish to try and grow few popular vegetables in his/her own garden. Vegetable growing can be intimidating especially for a beginner, but there are helpful tips and advice that can help anyone get started.

Thankfully, a contributor has shared this great vegetable growing guide in infographic form. Its easy to understand vegetable growing tips and tricks will help you get started at growing some of the most popular garden veggies in your backyard in the soonest possible time.


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Website for Cheap Satellite Deals

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I am not really sure if a bundle would be a good idea for our house, or if it would be necessary. I am not sure how much we are paying on other services, and I am going to figure out if we would save any money. Read More

5 Nights – 4 Days Bamurru Plains Fishing package from $5,300* per person

The Barramundi is arguably Australia‘s most famous fish and the Northern Territory’s ‘Top End’ is by far the best place to catch your prize Barra, while Bamurru Plains is equally one of Australia’s leading luxury fishing lodges.


Bamurru Plains is a wilderness and fishing lodge located on a privately owned & operated buffalo station. Bamurru Plains provides the perfect opportunity to combine excellent Barramundi fishing and the personalized service of experienced and dedicated fishing guides with the comforts of a luxury lodge. Each of the 9 safari bungalows has been designed to blend with the surrounding environment. There are no phones, no minibars and no televisions. Meals in the lodge building are wholesome and include beer, wine and soft drink. Spirits will be available for purchase. Your hosts will provide an informal level of attention that is only possible when you are one of a small number of guests.

Bamurru Plains package includes:

  • 5 nights at the stunning Bamurru Plains in a safari style bungalow.
  • All meals and beverages based on a select open bar.
  • Return air transfers from / to Darwin based on the following scheduled departure times: depart Darwin at 2:30pm each day and depart Bamurru at 3:15pm each day. Flight time approximately 25 minutes.
  • Guided fishing daily, including equipment and tackle.


Between 01-February until 30-April 2013 Bamurru Plains is a dedicated fishing lodge. Fishing also available from 01 May – 31 October as part of the normal lodge season.

* Priced on Twin Share accommodation and 3 Anglers per airboat or 4 anglers per river boat.  Rates will increase if there is a smaller group fishing.
* International airfare from US to Darwin is not included in package price, so please ask an Artisan consultant for a current airfare quote.


About the Fishing

Run Off season (February – April)

Airboat Floodplain Fishing or Charter Fishing

Bamurru Plains is located on Swim Creek Station, a 116 square mile private buffalo station, situated on the floodplains of the famous Mary River System on the western boundary of Kakadu National Park.  During the wet season almost 39 square miles of the Station is covered in water providing the ideal habitat for baitfish to breed in the warm shallow waters of the floodplains and it is here that your airboat fishing experience begins.  Guests of Bamurru Plains have exclusive access to these floodplains. Accessible only by the camp’s airboats which are the ideal way to target these iconic sportsfish, maximizing fishing opportunities as the Barra congregate at creek mouths and junctions inaccessible to traditional boats, in search of an easy meal.

This is Barramundi fishing at its absolute best!

The best time to fish is the period known as the ‘run off’.  The ‘run off’ happens in the early part of the year (generally February thru April) as the floodwaters from the northern monsoon recede back into the rivers, creeks and billabongs which surround the property.  With such a large and exclusive area available to Bamurru Plains guests, options abound as to where and when to target the fish.  In 2011, our most successful fishing group of six fisherman caught (and released) an astonishing 728 Barramundi in 3 great days of fishing. During this runoff period, you’ll find the Barra up to 55 inches long and 50 pounds in weight.


Heli Fishing

With so many fishing habitats within a short flight of Bamurru Plains, heli fishing is available from 01 February to 31 October each year.  Escape by helicopter to remote fishing locations and tackle the mighty Barramundi.  Choose either a full or half day (at additional cost).

The Heli Fishing ‘chopper’ collects guests from in front of the main lodge building at Bamurru Plains. What a great way to see the vast expanse of floodplains, the coastal beaches, billabongs and the numerous estuarine creeks.  With the ability to land in remote locations, your pilot and fishing guide for the day will have you fishing at some incredibly wild & remote spots.

All the fishing gear and equipment is provided for but anglers are advised that any loss or damage to this equipment will be charged for.  If you have your own preferred fishing gear and tackle, please feel free to bring this along on the trip.

Heli Fishing can also be arranged from Darwin, ending at Bamurru Plains so that guests can also use this as a one way air transfer to the property. Please book your heli fishing excursion when making your reservation for Bamurru Plains.


Book by 31 August 2013. Valid for depatures 24 July – 21 September.  Check with your Artisan Traveler consultant for pricing for other dates. Prices are from pricing per person based on double occupancy departures from Los Angeles. Add-on fares are available from other cities. Check with your Artisan Traveler consultant. Seats are limited and may not be available on every flight. Hotels are subject to availability. All prices reflect a discount for purchases made by cash/wire transfer/check, please see terms and conditions for credit card payments. There are no discounts for payment made by credit cards. Cancellation penalties and other restrictions apply.



Huge tidal rivers, scenic inland billabongs, world-class fishing are native traits you will encounter in Australia’s Northern Territory.

The northern territory is an unrivalled fishing destination with huge tidal rivers, scenic inland billabongs, mangrove-lined estuaries and a picturesque coastline. its vast networks of waterways offer a variety of world-class fishing options.

The Territory’s best-known fish is the barramundi; an aggressive predatory fish noted for its strong runs and spectacular jumps. The Top End is also home to an array of other great sport and reef fish, including giant trevally (GT), queenfish, Spanish mackerel, cobia, black jewfish, golden snapper, red emperor and coral trout.

There are many different hot spot destinations throughout the Territory’s Top End that offer great fishing, all set in picturesque natural landscapes. They are well serviced by a full range of tourist facilities along with expert fishing guides, unique accommodation-and fishing combinations and services such as fuel, food, repairs and supplies. You can hire a boat, take a fully guided fishing safari, stay at a remote fishing lodge or charter, or even throw in a line from a wharf or jetty – every type of angler and every type of fishing experience is catered for in the Northern Territory.



Locally, they’re known as the wet, the run-off, the dry and the build-up. These seasons, and their effect on the environment and fish behavior, play a big part in making the Territory one of the hottest fishing destinations in the world.

The Wet
The wet (January to March) commences with the monsoon rains and lasts for about three months. Extreme rainfall causes rivers to flow over their banks and cover the floodplains. River fishing can be difficult, but periods between heavy rains, when water levels begin to drop, can produce excellent estuary fishing.

The Run-off
The run-off (March to April) literally refers to the floodwaters running back off the plains, into the rivers and creeks and out to sea. This is the prime time for barra fishing. Barra are lazy fish, but they’re also smart, so they congregate at the creek mouths and floodwater run-off points, waiting for an easy feed off the plains.

The Dry
The dry (May to September) is typified by beautiful weather and little or no rainfall. It’s a great time to target reef fish on both inshore and offshore reefs and is perfect for fly fishing. In the early dry season, trolling for barra is excellent in the larger tidal rivers, and as the rivers drop, barra are concentrated in billabongs right through the season.

The Build-up
The build-up (October to December) is the period where humidity rises and electrical storms form. Fishing in billabongs, saltwater estuaries and around coastal headlands is excellent at this time. Bluewater fishing is also exceptional during this warmer period, when seas are also calm.


Australia – What To Know

Departure Tax
A departure tax of $38 AUD is included in your international airline ticket. Exemptions include children under 12 years old and passengers transiting through Australia.

Australia forms part of Oceania and is located in the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean, neighboring the countries of New Zealand and Indonesia.

Australia’s climate varies from tropical in the North to temperate in the South. There are four Australia seasons: Summer from December to February, Autumn from March to May, Winter from June to August and Spring from September to November. The Northern part of Australia generally distinguishes it seasons as “Wet season” and “Dry Season” reflecting the amount of rainfall during the year. The Wet season is generally the summer season and the dry season is generally the winter season.

Time Difference
There are 3 time zones in Australia; Eastern Standard Time (EST), Central Standard Time (CST) which is one half hour behind EST and Western Standard Time (WST) which is two hours behind EST.Australia’s EST is 10 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Entry requirements
ETA’s (Electronic Travel Authority) are required to enter Australia Fishing Trips. Everyone except New Zealanders require an ETA. They are easily obtained through your travel agent and allow you to enter Australia as a visitor. A passport valid for at least 3 months beyond your departure date.

3 pin plugs, 230/240 volts, 50Hz. You will need to take an adapter to plug in/recharge things such as your camera or laptop.

Tipping protocol
It is not customary to tip in Australia but if you feel your server performed well you are most welcome to tip.

Australians dress informally on most occasions. Be sure to pack layered clothing all year round with a waterproof jacket so you’re prepared for any changes in weather.Language
English is the national language of Australia but you will find a bustling multicultural environment filled with the sounds of many other languages too.

Health tips
Australia has an excellent health care and hostipal system. No vaccinations are required but we do strongly suggest travel insurance to all travelers to cover the cost of emergencies and medical services should they be needed. Take safety precautions such as sunscreen application, water consumption and full coverage clothing tips seriously when in the sun and outdoors.

Currency & Credit Cards
The currency of Australia is the Australian Dollar $AUD. Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Diners Club) and debit cards are widely accepted and can be used in ATMs throughout the country. Traveler’s checks can be cashed at airports, banks and most hotels. The normal banking hours are from 9:00 am -4:30 pm Monday to Friday. While prices are show in single cents, they are rounded to the nearest 5 cent which is the smallest denomination of currency.

The predominant religions practiced in Australia include Catholic, Anglican and Christian though most other religions are also practiced.

Australian’s love sport! There are many different sports widely followed in Australia and the main unique sport is Australian Rules Football. Played in the winter months it has a huge following and all eyes are on the “footy” for the Grand Final held in Melbourne in September. In the summer months its cricket and tennis season, both popular spectator sports. The Nation stands still at 3:00pm EST, the first Tuesday of every November, to watch the Melbourne Cup Horseracing with hopes their horse will place first.

There are a range of ways to stay in touch. Internet cafes are everywhere but you can also access the internet at most hotels and libraries. Cell phones can be rented and public phones are great for local calls that are a flat rate and untimed. Public phones accept Australian coins, credit cards and some calling cards. Australia Post will take care of all your postal needs.

Jet lag
Westbound flights appear to be the worst for jet lag but many people report feelings of jet lag with any long haul flights. To prevent feeling the worse for wear when you arrive at your destination try the following tips: Be well rested before boarding your flight, drink plenty of fluids and cut back on the alcoholic and caffeinated beverages, don’t eat all the meals just because they’re offered and try to exercise by stretching in your seat or strolling the isle. One of the best tips is to try to set your body clock to your destination’s time while in flight. Waiting until you land can leave you literally in the wrong time zone.

Australians drive on the left side of the road. Care should be taken to follow all road signs and traffic lights. International travelers are encouraged to pay close attention to their driving, especially when driving for the first time. International driver’s licenses are not necessary but a valid US drivers license is a must.

Australia – When To Go

Australia – When To Go

When is the best time to go to Australia?
With over 6,000 miles of beaches, and a continent roughly the size of mainland US, Australia is a year round destination. Your Australia travel expert is either from Australia or travel there often, ensuring you have direct access to the best places to visit, and can tell you which beaches to go to during the time you travel.

Best time to dive in Australia
Year round. Several of us are divers and can pair the right dive outfit to your skills. We split your diving experience on the reef by best visibility times for the time of year you are there. Northern reefs (ex Cairns and Port Douglas) April-November, southern reefs (ex Whitsunday Islands) October – April. If you are looking to witness coral spawning, it occurs on the full moon of either November or December.

Best time to honeymoon in Australia
Year round, but here are some insider tips to get you started. May-November for a Sydney , Reef, rainforest. For self driving southern adventure visit November – April. Outback is best March – November, avoiding the heat of the summer. Diving and islands are year round.

Best time for a family vacation
Year round. For a relaxing family beach vacation at a resort October – April. For an active wildlife and wilderness vacation, in the North, May-October, in the south November – March. To see the highlights of Australia but you aren’t a fan of the heat, visit May – October.

Best time to visit Sydney and Bondi Beach
For a temperate climate, visit August – October or April – May. For city exploration, sunshine and sand, visit November – March.

Best time to see the highlights of Australia
Sydney, reef, rainforest and outback combination is best September – November or April – May. Although we can handcraft these experiences in less tourist areas year round. Ask us.

Best time to visit the outback
March – November, however this needs to be broken down further as there are several ways to explore the outback. Exploration by private Aboriginal guide of ancient rock art in South Australia, October-November or March – May. Visiting the red center and Uluru is April – October. Kakadu National Park May – October.

Best time for train journeys
East to West Cost – year round, although if you like wild flowers head September-October. North to South – year round, although if you like birding and ancient Aboriginal rock art, travel May – October. For Kangaroo Island wildlife visit October – March.

Best time to visit Tasmania
October – March. For golfing, November – February. Hiking, zip-lining, quad biking is best December-February. Wildlife is year round although we enjoy October – March best.

Best time to see wildlife on Kangaroo Island
Year round. In the winter months scrub is minimal and makes for excellent wildlife spotting. Return back to your lodgings to a roaring fireplace, a lovely meal and great wine tasting.

Best time to see penguins
On Kangaroo Island June – December during their breeding season. No large tourist groups here, just a stroll with the locals after dinner for night spotting. In Tasmania penguin viewing is year round at a little village on the east coast. They nest underneath the dining room and the rookery is only 50 feet off shore.

Best time to stay on an island on the Great Barrier Reef
Lizard Island and other northern island resorts are great year round. Marlin fishing October – November. Waters are very warm and you are more likely to get some rain January – April. Favorite time for us is May – December. Hayman Island, Qualia and the resorts to the south are year round with October – April being our favorite time.

Best time to visit the wine countries of Australia
February – March for harvest and Opera in the vineyard concerts. Year round cellar tasting available and encouraged

Australia – What To Know

10 Day Fiji Adventure Package


Fiji is tiny, friendly, beautiful, amazing. It’s just a cluster of reef islands in the deep blue Pacific. Thin roads wind through lush rainforest, past waterfalls and gentle beaches to small seaside resorts. Offshore, neon fish dart between bursts of coral. “Bula!” Hello. Welcome. Learn the word now. You’ll hear it everywhere– at your hotel, in town, on the street– always paired with a wide smile. Awesome diving and watersports, cultural village visits, white water rafting, day trips to private Islands and super-friendly locals, Fiji is perfect for couples seeking a secluded romantic getaway in the tropics or a fun packed adventure vacation. Fiji runs on island time and it greets you with island warmth.


  • Air Pacific round trip coach class flights from Los Angeles to Nadi, Fiji
  • Airport taxes & fuel surcharges
  • Round trip seat in coach transfers from Nadi Airport to Hideaway Resort
  • 7 nights accommodation Fiji Hideaway Resort & Spa in an Oceanview Bure
  • Breakfast daily
  • Welcome drink on arrival, Complimentary Nightly Entertainment, Complimentary introduction to Scuba Diving in resort pool (for clients 13 years and above) and Invitation to Management Cocktail function


DAY 1 – Depart Los Angeles

DAY 2 – Cross the International Dateline

DAY 3 – Arrive Nadi, Fiji

Upon arrival you will be met with a traditional Fijian welcome and transferred to the Coral Coast.

Fiji Hideaway Resort and Spa is a 3.5 star tropical resort located on the Coral Coast, just a 90 minute transfer from Nadi International Airport. A boutique resort with just 115 rooms, Hideaway features traditional Fijian Bures in lush surrounds right on the beach, all overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean and coral lagoon. A destination in itself, Hideaway offers some of the best snorkeling and diving in Fiji, an excellent reef surf break, 600 meters of white sandy beach, Day Spa and free nightly entertainment.

Sit back and take in the breathtaking views from your Ocean View Bure. These bures feature a Queen and single bed, as well as an outdoor seating area surrounded by lush coconut palm trees and green Fijian grass.

DAY 4 – 9

Enjoy the complimentary activity program operating from morning to night. Free daily activities range from beach volleyball, tennis, kayaking and to guided tropical garden walks. Discover Fijian traditions, a new sport or one of the many day trip options (cost for activities not included in package).


The Fiji Hideaway Spa overlooks the lagoon and is a perfect setting for a relaxing massage, beauty or hair treatment.


Snorkel and explore the lagoon with live reef directly in front of the resort. Snorkeling gear is available from the activities desk.

Tivua Island Sailing & Snorkeling Experience with Captain Cook Cruises **Exclusive reduced rate for Groupon clients** $80 per person for travel until 3/31/13 & $85 per person for travel until 5/31/13:

Set sail aboard tall ship “Ra Marama” or sailing catamaran “Fiji One” departing Denarau daily and cruise to Tivua Island –surrounding by a white sandy beach and 500 acres of coral gardens. The cruise includes snorkeling & glass bottom boat tours, tropical buffet lunch, morning & afternoon tea, beer, wine & soft drinks on Tivua Island, kava ceremony & entertainment, volleyball, use of canoes, snorkeling equipment & beach-mats and transfers from the Hideaway Resort.


The resort is home to ‘Diveaway Fiji’, a qualified PADI Dive center. Enjoy the beauty of Fiji’s wonderful reefs and coral directly offshore from the resort. ‘Diveaway Fiji’ cater for experienced Scuba Diving through to Outer Reef snorkeling and offer PADI courses from beginner through to Divemaster.


An easy paddle directly in front of the resort for a right hand reef break that is famous throughout the Coral Coast of Fiji. Surfing is consistently good year round and surf tours can also be arranged (cost applies for tour).

Village & Cultural Tours

The nearby village of Tagaqe welcomes visitors from the Hideaway Resort to experience their way of life. Regular tours introduce you to the elders and Chief of the village. Sunday church services are a favorite with guests as the children of the village sing gospel songs in the village choir.

ADVENTURE IN PARADISE – Waterfall or cave tour – **special reduced rate for Groupon travelers** -$85 per person for travel until 3/31/13 or $110 per person based for travel until 9/30/13. Per person rate based on a minimum of 2 people traveling.

You’ll visit the village of the Biausevu tribe and participate in a “Kava Ceremony”. Next we hit the walking trail to the waterfall. You’ll wander through several shallow streams – each one a photographers delight, native bush land and lush tropical rainforest with guides who explain the traditional use of various plants along the way, including plant medicines. At the waterfall, you’ll learn how to husk a coconut and do some fish feeding. The waterfall itself is spectacular – dropping 120 feet down a rocky cliff into a picturesque swimming lagoon edged by giant ferns, wild red ginger and ancient Ivi trees with amazing root systems and hanging vines. You’ll understand how legends are born in this tropical paradise setting. This is the favourite swimming place of the legendary “Twins” of Fiji. After a refreshing dip, you’ll be served with a packed picnic lunch with beer, bottled artesian water and soft -drinks before heading home again – back to the Hideaway. This tour is natural and rustic – no paved footpaths or handrails – but it’s mostly flat and not very demanding. There are plenty of helping hands from very entertaining guides. Great for all ages of reasonable health, mobility and fitness.

The Cave Tour is a fantastic day of fun, culture and real Fiji experiences. It starts with a 1 hour drive into the picturesque Sigatoka Valley for fabulous views of Fiji’s famous “Salad bowl” – known for its colorful patchwork of fruit and vegetable crops. You’ll hear the fascinating history of notorious Tongan warriors who reigned supreme in this area and glimpse ancient hill fortresses of Tavuni and Matanavatu. On the riverbank, a bamboo raft (bilibili) will ferry you downstream and after a short walk you will be welcomed into the home of the Priest (Bete), the Cave Owners where you will participate in a customary kava ceremony. The tour group then proceeds with light trekking to the Naihehe Caves. The entrance is a tropical garden setting – and this was the cave fortress of Fiji’s last cannibal tribes. It was ruled by a pagan priest and hundreds of people lived inside for months at a time. We follow the hall chambers to the legendary “Pregnancy Gap” which opens up into the huge and wondrous Grand Cathedral Chamber. Natural features include sparkling stalactites, stalagmites, flowstones and underground springs – but its history makes this cave particularly special. You’ll see a ritual platform, priest chambers and cannibal oven! It’s pretty awesome stuff. The cave environment is comfortable, with easy access, plenty of fresh air and no bats or creepy-crawlies. Next, we take a 30-min walk across native bush and farms down to the riverbank for a “bilibili” ride across the river. After a refreshing dip , you’ll be served with a packed picnic lunch with beer, bottled artesian water and soft-drinks before heading home again – back to the Hideaway by 3:00pm .

Culinary Cultural Experience

Learn how to cook Fijian style with Lovo food cooked in banana leaves in an underground oven – Lovo pit.

Sigatoka River Safari

Enjoy a half day eco/cultural adventure into the heart and soul of Fiji. Cruise up the magnificent Sigatoka River aboard Fiji’s original jet boat safari and visit authentic Fijian villages and experience the rich culture & history of the real Fijian people.

Natadola Bay Championship Golf Course

This championship golf course offers and enjoyable challenge through stunning Fijian landscapes, whilst overlooking the uninterrupted views of the white sands and coral reefs of the Pacific Ocean.

Tropical Fishing Characters

Take a fishing trip to the reef, or go deeper and enjoy a day of game fishing with a team of professionals. All guests take home their dinner!

While there are plenty of opportunities to get active when you stay at the Fiji Hideaway Resort & Spa, there is also a small gym onsite and boxing gear for guests wanting to stay fit and in shape.

Professional entertainment is scheduled nightly in the theatre restaurant, by the pool or in the Fire Walking Arena. Nightly entertainment includes a full Polynesian dance show and traditional Fijian entertainment.

Fire Walking

Each Thursday, watch the amazing firewalking ceremony by the local villagers, then enjoy a traditional Lovo feast in Chief’s Restaurant.

Day 10-Depart Fiji

Enjoy your last day in Fiji before transferring back to the airport early evening for departure back to Los Angeles, cross the International dateline and arrive back before you departed! Alternatively continue your South Pacific adventure by purchasing an add-on package to New Zealand or Australia – 4 nights from an additional $599 per person including air & hotel.

Departure Dates


3-12 Feb; 5-14 Feb; 7-16 Feb; 10-19 Feb; 12-21 Feb; 14-23 Feb; 17-26 Feb; 19-28 Feb; 21 Feb – 02 Mar; 24 Feb – 05 Mar; 26 Feb – 07 Mar; 28 Feb – 09 Mar


Mar: 3-12 Mar; 5-14 Mar; 7-16 Mar; 10-19 Mar; 24 Mar – 02 Apr; 26 Mar – 04 Apr; 28 Mar – 06 Apr; 31 Mar – 09 Apr


2-11 Apr; 4-13 Apr; 7-16 Apr; 9-18 Apr; 11-20 Apr; 14-23 Apr; 16-25 Apr; 18-27 Apr; 21-30 Apr; 23 Apr – 02 May; 25 Apr – 04 May; 28 Apr – 07 May; 30 Apr – 09 May


2-11 May; 5-14 May; 7-16 May; 9-18 May; 12-21 May; 14-23 May; 16-25 May; 19-28 May; 21-30 May

Gateways & Associated Supplements:

Los Angeles- additional add-on flights from local city can be purchased.

Contact Artisan Traveler for quote & availability for any deviations to the above. We are here to make your dream trip a reality.

Hefty discounts are available for travel until 30 September, 2013.


7 nights Fiji Hideway Resort $ Spa

Solo Traveler

Additional $300

Book-by Date:

Bookings must be made by 17 February, 2013 to secure this deal.

Notes (or additional fine print):

Deviations start from $50. For all deviations and children pricing please contact us. Special discounted rates are available for travel through 30September, 2013. Subject to availability at time of booking.